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51 Jacob Shantz came to America in 1737. Shantz, Jacob (I830)
52 Jacob Shantz was born in Switzerland about the year 1710.

Owing to religious persecutions, he, with others, left their native home and went to Holland where they had the promise of protection from the persecuting parties by the Prince of Orange. Here he lived some fifteen years.

Seeing so many of his co-religionists emigrating to America, besides being informed of the proclamation issued by William Penn, he at last decided to emigrate to America and settle among his co-religionists. He crossed the ocean in a vessel named "Townshead" and landed safely at Philadelphia in the summer of 1737.

He may have resided in Germantown for some time. In the year 1745 we find him and his family located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. What number of children he had could not be ascertained.

We know that he was married twice. The children of his first wife (Magdalena) were Isaac, Esther, Susannah. From his second wife (Catherine Beary) we have the record of only one son named Christian.

Jacob Shantz is buried in the Sprogell Cemetery, beside Magdalena, his first wife. 
Shantz, Jacob (I830)
53 Jacob Shantz: Much of the early information on the Shantz family has been taken from a book called, "The Shantz Family", published by the Shantz Family Association, Kitchener, Canada.

Die Schantz (The Bulward) a Bourgeois Clan organized in Alsace in the year 1429 with Johann Schantz who held a baker's franchise. The Clan in future years spread into Bavaria and the French provinces. The crest of this Clan carries a helmet with three ostrich plums (one black, one green, and one red.) The Mantle is black, silver, red and golden. The Shield has a red field, and with in it, the silver done on a green hill represents the wisdom, precaution and sagacity of Johann Schantz. Authentic records by Paul Furst, 1496, from his Records of Heraldry.

Shantz (Schantz, Shanz, Tschantz, Johns)
Shantz, a Swiss Mennonite family name, is mentioned among the Anabaptists as early as 1541 in the canton of Bern, Switzerland. In 1567 a Hans Tschantz of Kiesen, canton of Bern, was imprisoned for his aith. In the first part of the 18th century members of the family moved to the Bernese Jura district, as well as to Montbâeliard and Alsace. In 1824 a Johannes Tschantz and his son Abraham left their Jura home and settled in the Sonnenberg district in Wayne County,Ohio, where some of their descendants still live.

As of 1959, the family name Shantz had only a few representatives left among Mennonites in Europe. The name was represented in Pennsylvania as early as 1737 when Jacob Schantz immigrated to Montgomery County,Pa. Hans Tschantz was the third bishop in the colonial Mennonite settlement in Lancaster County, Pa. It is known that he was active ca.1742; a cemetery plot donated by him remained named "Hans Tschantz Cemetery." Since 1800 Shantz has also been a prominent family in the Mennonite Church (MC) in Ontario.

The following is a small list of ordained men bearing the name Shantz who have served as bishops in the church:

Henry Shantz (1864-77), who served the Detweiler congregation from 1842
Israel R. Shantz (1863-1910), who moved from Waterloo to Carstairs, Alberta, 1903

Moses H. Shantz (1884-1938) at Blenheim,Ont., who for many years was also the moderator of the Ontario Conference (MC) and was for some time the president of the Mennonite Publication Board

Benjamin B. Shantz (b. 1880), who served at the Hagey congregation

Stanley D. Schantz (b. 1914), who served in Guernsey, Sask.

Preachers included Merle Shantz, who served at the Wanner congregation, Ont.. and Irwin Schantz, who served in Loman,Minn. Jacob Y. Shantz was a prominent layman (MC) in Kitchener, Ont.,joining the Mennonite Brethren in Christ Church ca. 1875 when it was started. John Schantz (1774-1855) and his son Joseph (1814-81) were ministers in the Upper Milford Pa. congregation which joined the General Conference Mennonite Church (GCM) Oberholtzer group in 1847.J.W. Schantz (1878-1916) was a GCM minister at Schwenksville, Pa. and Zion at Souderton Pa., 1907-16. 
Shantz, Jacob (I830)
54 James Adam McBurney was a beneficiary of $1,000.00 cash in the will of David Beecroft. McBurney, James Adam (I1366)
55 James Hampton's home was on the west side of the Tapley Quarter Line between the Fallis Line and the Millbrook Road, just south of Marshall Fallis' home. Hampton, James (I9)
56 James Potter death date is in Question, because two daughters were born 5 and 7 years after he was buried. Is his death date off by 10 years? More research needed on this Death Date. His Son Thomas was born in 1838, and his father Thomas Died in 1838, according to the One World Tree Records. Potter, James (I730)
57 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Graham, Annabelle Jane (I45)
58 James William Potter birth date on his Birth Record from Huron County, Ontario, Canada shows his Birthdate as 7 February 1887. Yet his World War One Draft Registration Card shows his Birthdate as 7 February 1886. His Social Security Death Index Record Shows his Birthdate as 7 February 1886. His Social Security # 371-01-9169 Michigan issued before 1951. Potter, William James (I428)
59 Janie Viola Campbell was as a beneficiary of $1,000.00 cash in the will of David Beecroft. Campbell, Janie Viola (I1269)
60 John Beecroft Jr. was a beneficiary of $1,000.00 cash in the will of David Beecroft. Beecroft, John Jr. (I309)
61 John Clarence McBurney was a beneficiary of $1,000.00 cash in the will of David Beecroft. McBurney, John Clarence (I1365)
62 John Dustan Beecroft was named as a beneficiary of $1,000.00 cash in the will of David Beecroft. Beecroft, John Dustan (I1379)
63 John J. Campbell lived on 16 St George St., Aylmer, Ontario. Campbell, John J. (I269)
64 John J. Campbell was named as a beneficiary of $1,000.00 cash in the will of David Beecroft. Campbell, John J. (I269)
65 John Strohm Clemens residence was Guelph, Ontario. Clemens, Nathaniel (I338)
66 John Strohm resided on his father's old farm near Hespeler. Forming a partnership with his brother Aaron (Strome) Clemens, John helped run a flour mill. The partnership was dissolved in 1882 and brother Aaron continued to run the mill. Clemens, John Strohm (I785)
67 John William Hampton was supposedly a traveling nursery salesman. In about 1913 he went on a trip and was never seen again. The story is that his wife hired private detectives but no trace was ever found. Hampton, William John (I1208)
68 Joseph Banes (74 year old) was living in the household of William Banes at the time of the Huron Co., Stephen Twp, Ontario Canada 1871 Census. William Banes immigrated to Canada in 1829 from England. Banes, William (I1209)
69 Josephine McDowell was a beneficiary of $1,000.00 cash in the will of David Beecroft. McDowell, Josephine (I347)
70 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. MacDowell, Dale Robert (I1799)
71 Lewis Gilbert Beecroft was a beneficiary of $1,000.00 cash in the will of David Beecroft. Beecroft, Lewis Gilbert (I1378)
72 Lillian Isobelle Connell could also be Mary Connell 1866. Connell, Lillian Isobelle (I960)
73 Lillian Richardson Nicol's Marriage Registration she is listed as Lillie Richardson Nichol. On Her Headstone her name is Lillian R. Nicol. Nicol, Lillian Richardson (I818)
74 listed as McKnight in the 1911 Canada Census and living is Souris, Manitoba. MacKnight, Gladdis (I2892)
75 Lived at 19 Drake Road, Scarsdale, NY. Beecroft, David (I311)
76 Margaret Jane Hampton lived three farms east of Gardiner's Cemetery on the 7th Concession of Cavan. Hampton, Margaret Jane (I8)
77 Margaret Jane Moore's home was on the west side of the Tapley Quarter Line between the Fallis Line and the Millbrook Road, just south of Marshall Fallis' home. Moore, Margaret Jane (I10)
78 Maria Beecroft was a beneficiary of $1,000.00 cash in the will of David Beecroft. Beecroft, Maria (I305)
79 Marie-Genevieve Imbeault's birth record dated Apr 12 1762 at Baie St. Paul lists her as the Natural daughter of Catherine Ringuet, wife of Jean Baptiste Le Collein, prisoner in England. So it is uncertain if her father was Jean-Baptiste Le Collein or Francois Imbeault dit Lagrange or someone else???? Jean-Baptiste Le Collein may have died before that date. Imbeault, Marie-Genevieve (I817)
80 Marjorie joked that her middle name was Econamatricia but in fact, it was just E. She said her mother, Josephine, had no explanation except that you had to have a middle name. McDowell, Marjorie E. (I210)
81 Mary Francis Bernice Sanderson was a member of the 1950 Millbrook Girls Baseball Team 1950.  Sanderson, Mary Francis Bernice (I220)
82 Mary Jane Henry lived in Toronto, Ontario in 1933.  Henry, Mary Jane (I262)
83 Melburn McDowell received his education in Goderich and Belleville, Ontario. He taught school for two years before moving into the business world. He was an accountant at Capelton Mines in the the Eastern Townships of Quebec. (In 1863, the Capelton Mines, on George Capelton's farm near North Hatley, was established due to the demand for copper coming from the United States during the Civil War). Then we worked for Cordova Mines. (Cordova Mines, probably the most well known of all the Hastings gold rush communities, began in the 1860s as a community named Wariston. It's almost a ghost town located on Highway 48 north of Marmora, Ontario).

He later took over the Cavan General Store and in 1923 moved to Millbrook and started a poultry farm. Later he purchased the Collin's Block in the village and installed an egg-grading station in the basement, feed store and 40,000 capacity baby chick hatchery on the first floor and on the second floor a bowling alley and electric brooder room for baby chicks.

He was a great sports enthusiast and took an active part in the erection of the Millbrook and Cavan Memorial Arena. He was also a member of the school board. He was an elder at St. Andrew's United Church and a lover of music (sang bass in a quartet). 
McDowell, Melburn (I89)
84 Melville Beecroft was a beneficiary of $1,000.00 cash in the will of David Beecroft. Beecroft, Melville (I1425)
85 Memories from Howard Heckendorn, nephew to Alta (Norma Lucille Clemens's
mother) and a Clemens correspondent, London, Ontario.

"Lucille or known affectionately as "Squeal" was one of my closest cousins during my youth. Being 5 years older than myself, she seemed to be my protector from her brother Robert's sense of humor at times. Later in life, when living in Kitchener, I used to see her almost daily for a period when I drove a city bus and she worked at J.M. Schneider Packers. Her passing due to a severe asthmatic condition was a great shock to us all. She's dearly missed by the family". 
Clemens, Norma Lucille (I424)
86 Myrtyle Beecroft was a beneficiary of $1,000.00 cash in the will of David Beecroft. Beecroft, Myrtyle (I1380)
87 Nathaniel Clemens residence was the old Snyder Farm, Hespeler, Ontario based on the 1901 census. At the time of the 1901 census Nathaniel also had living with him 2 farm labourers: William Pauliske (German) and M. Percy (English) and a domestic helper W. Beines (Irish).

William Pauliske for a 12 month working period was being paid $300 while M. Percy for the same amount of time was being paid $260. The domestic was making $240 for a 12 month period. 
Clemens, Nathaniel (I338)
88 OBITUARY: Henry Harrison Holmes was born in Pontiac, Illinois, on the 5th of March, 1874. He was the son of William Harrison Holmes and Aletha Beall Holmes.

When he was seven years old his parents moved to South Dakota and established the family home on a farm in
Aurora county northwest of Mount Vernon, that state. He attended the country school while on the farm. Later the
family moved to Mount Vernon and he attended the school there until he went to the Dakota Wesleyan University
at Mitchell, South Dakota.

His first effort toward making a living was when as a young boy he rented some land from a neighbor and tried farming for himself. As soon as he had accumulated enough money in this way he purchased the meat market in Mount
Vernon. It was there he gained a thorough knowledge of cattle values, which became an important factor in his later successful career in the live stock

In 1900 he left Mount Vernon and went to Fulton, South Dakota, where he bought a hardware store and a line of farm machinery and implements. While he was in Fulton he was manager of a local telephone company and the Farmers
Co-operative Creamery Company. Two years later he returned to Mount Vernon and bought another hardware
store, and a furniture store and an undertaking establishment.

In 1905 Mr. Holmes disposed of his holdings in South Dakota and moved to Sioux City, Iowa, where he became connected with the Long & Hansen Commission Company, a live stock firm with which Mr. F. M. Hatch, a former business associate of Mount Vernon, had become identified through purchasing the interests of the retiring partner, Mr. Nicholas Hansen. Within a few months Mr. Holmes bought the interests of Mr. Wallace Long, who also wished to retire. The business was continued under the old firm name of the Long & Hansen Commission Company.

Later, as the business increased, Mr. Holmes and Mr. Hatch bought one of the leading commission firms in Chicago - the North Western Live Stock Commission Company, and established a new firm by that name in South St. Paul, Minnesota, and another firm by the name of Long & Hansen in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

In 1898 Mr. Holmes was married to Miss Laura McDowell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William McDowell of Mount Vernon, South Dakota. Mr. and Mrs. Holmes were the parents of two children; a daughter, Gladys, and a son, Dean Harrison.

Mr. Holmes was fifty years old at the time of his death, which occurred March 13, 1924, at his home, No. 3 Stewart avenue, Sioux City, Iowa.

Henry Harrison Holmes was a member of Tyrian Lodge, No. 508, the Sioux City Consistory and Abu-Bekr Shrine, A. A. O. N. M. S.; Sioux City Boar Club, the Sioux City Country Club, the Sioux City Chamber of Commerce, the Chicago Live Stock Exchange and the Sioux City Live Stock Exchange. For several years he had been a director of the latter exchange and was active in all its work at
the time of his death.

Few men in the live stock business have been more successful from every standpoint or have had a wider acquaintance or commanded more respect than Harry Holmes. He was an executive of more than ordinary ability and his advice was much sought by stockmen over the entire northwest, because of his keen vision and foresight combined with a marked conservatism. 
Holmes, Henry Harrison (I1512)
89 Per the 1946 Millbrook Mirror-Reporter article regarding Mary Ann Hampton's 96th birthday she was living with Ethel McKnight and Ken Reid in Reaboro, Ontario. Hampton, Mary Ann (I1201)
90 Rebecca Snyder is sister to John's brother Aaron's wife Nancy Snyder. Snyder, Rebecca (I786)
91 Robinson/O'Donnell: Double wedding with Family 142 (Thomas Joseph Holly/Mary Kathleen O'Donnell). Rev. Father Schruder officiating. Aquinn O'Donnell & John Holly were Kathleen's & Tom's attendants. Lyla Spotswood & Wilfred O'Donnell were Marguerite's & Leslie's attendants.  Family F143
92 Sarah Hodgson maiden name might be Hogson Hodgson, Sarah (I728)
93 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Hawkins, Sherlene Ruth (I179)
94 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Smith, James (I46)
95 Some internet sources tells us that Benjamin Naylor was born in St. Helen's, Lancashire. Is that a parish or a town? He immigrated before 1839 to Canada. Benjamin and Mary came to Canada sometime before 1839 when their daughter Hannah Keziah was born. Were they married in England before they came, or did they meet and marry in Canada? In 1871 the Naylors were living next door to William McDowell and his family. Mary Winters and Benjamin Naylor were married before 1839. Naylor, Benjamin (I316)
96 Spelling of Susannah Fargisson as shown in the IGI file at the LDS Church. Also have a record of it as Susannah Sargisson. The F and S in some forms of writing look a lot alike. We think she is Buried in the North West Section of Bond Head Cemetery, Durham Co, Clarke Twp, Newcastle, Ontario, Canada. There are a lot of very Old Headstones in this Section and unable to read the Inscriptions on many of these Head Stones, they are mostly Limestone and badly weathered. Fargisson, Susannah (I1214)
97 St-Gelais, Marc: Marc Pradet dit St. Gelais was the twin brother of Louis-Marie- Moise Pradet dit St. Gelais. Both were born on Apr 9, 1769. St-Gelais, Marc (I793)
98 Stacey, Charlotte: President of the Daughters of the British Empire, New York State. Lived at 19 Drake Road, Scarsdale, NY Stacey, Charlotte (I1384)
99 Stevens, Mary Jane: Parents were born in England as recorded on the 1900 US census.

Mary Jane Stevens Banes was listed as Elizabeth in the 1983 Rudyard Centennial Book. 
Stevens, Mary Jane (I788)
100 Stonehouse, Joseph: In 1992, Bob Henry gave me a photocopy of a photograph of the George Henry family. Joe Stonehouse was listed on the back as having married Annie Henry. Stonehouse, Joseph (I1338)

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