Tigris Lane Cemetery, Wancourt, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Pas-de-Calais, France


Latitude: 50.25596, Longitude: 2.84524
Tigris Lane Cemetery

Tigris Lane Cemetery is located in the commune of Wancourt, about 1.5 kilometres south of the straight main road from Arras to Cambrai. Tigris Lane Cemetery is on the north-east side of the road from Wancourt to Tilloy (D37E), next to the TGV railway line.

Wancourt was captured on 12 April 1917, after very heavy fighting. The village was lost in March 1918 and re-taken by the Canadian Corps on 26 August 1918. The cemetery (named from a trench) was made by the burial officer of the 14th (Light) Division in May 1917, and was used again in August-September 1918. Tigris Lane Cemetery contains 119 First World War burials, nine of them unidentified. The cemetery was designed by G.H. Goldsmith.

Cemetery Photos

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Private Charley Austin Campbell - Find A Grave: 15991299 (France)
(body is buried here) 


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Private Charley Austin Campbell (France)
(body is buried here) 
Located    Private Charley Austin Campbell (d. 27 Aug 1918)