Report: Koester Family

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# Full Name Birth Date Birth Place Death Date Death Place Marriage Date Marriage Place Spouse Name
1 Austin Scott Charles Koester               
2 Britney KoesterBritney Koester    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada            
3 Carolyn Elizabeth KoesterCarolyn Elizabeth Koester              Stephen Bowman 
4 Charles KoesterCharles Koester              Deborah Page 
5 Charles Beverly Koester, OCCharles Beverly Koester, OC  13 Jan 1926  Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada   1 Feb 1998  Kingston, Ontario, Canada   2 Jul 1951    Carolyn Eleanor Williams 
6 Christoper Hudson KoesterChristoper Hudson Koester              Maribeth McKnight 
7 Erin Whitney KoesterErin Whitney Koester               
8 Geoffrey Blake KoesterGeoffrey Blake Koester               
9 James KoesterJames Koester               
10 Kate KoesterKate Koester              Dave Coon 
11 Taylor KoesterTaylor Koester              Alexandra Purcell